1. Intro
2. Interview with Mark Knopfler & John Illsley
3. Interview with Willy Deville
4. Interview Doc Pomus
5. Outro
Radio studio, USA, air date: 1st February 1981

6. Down to the waterline (live)

7. Once upon a time in the west (live)

8. Lady writer (live)

9. Sultans of swing (live)

10. Eastbound train (live)

Most likely taken from Central Park Schaffer Music festival, unknown recording date.

11. Rennbahn Express interview

Additional comments:
The Robert Klein Radio Show was a comic music/variety radio program that was broadcasted during the early eighties. Mr. Klein is a noted American comedian. He would come out, do a short monologue and introduce guests. This is the complete show featuring Mark Knopfler and John Illsley as a major part of the show, about 13 minutes of interview. All commercials and official songs are edited out. Very funny interview with Mark and John. Interesting to hear from John how he met Mark Knopfler for the first time. Mark tells about the demo tape, his work with Phil Lynnot, Bob Dylan and the new album Making Movies. Taken from the radio station master 2LP, very good sound quality! About the bonus tracks: tracks 6-10 are taken from a rare CBC radio-station master LP of the series "Live in Central Park" (produced by TBS Syndications, Toronto). This series was hosted by rock DJ Pat St. John. One of the artists that night were Dire Straits. It's a unclear if these songs are really from the Central Park Schaffer Music festival and what the exact recording date is. Anyway, great live material which good sound quality. Bonus track 11 is taken from the German program Rennbahn Express: "Die LP des monats, Dire Straits' Making Movies". It's a short 4 minute interview, sound quality is not too good. Available on one CD-R.