Additional comments:
Very interesting radio broadcast from 10th June 2004. A very nice and interesting show with a long interview with Mark Knopfler who talks about his motorcycle accident, the recording of Shangi-La, the new 2005 world tour and a lot more. Also, some studio tracks are played from Shangri-La and some Dire Straits records. Besides the reporter interviewing Mark Knopfler, there are also questions from fans who could ask their questions directly to Mark over the radio. That part is especially very interesting and it's really great to hear how kind Mark responses to all the questions. Some examples of questions from fans asked directly to Mark:

- what is your fascination about Elvis?
- what inspired the cover of the Shangri-La album with the slot machine?
- did you see the new movie about McDonalds?
- how did you came to have a dinosaur named after you?
- what does your producer Chuck Ainley bring to this new CD?
- what drew you to the kind of music of The Notting Hillbillies?
- do you still like the studio work?
- how do you feel about the music from The Princess Bride being played at many weddings?
- how is your working relationship with Emmylou Harris?
- what was your involvement in the movie Local Hero?

Personally, I like this recording very much because it is great to hear the fans directly talk to Mark. Very good sound quality. Available on two CD-R's.