Additional comments:
Very interesting radio broadcast from 1983, taken from KLOS radio hosted by Eddy Money. Interesting interview with Mark Knopfler and some studio tracks. Besides the reporter interviewing Mark Knopfler, there are also questions from fans who could ask their questions directly to Mark over the phone. That part is especially very interesting and it's really great to hear how kind Mark responses to all the questions. Mark answers to questions like why Pick Withers left the band, how he is involved in Bob Dylan's work, he is talking about Dire Straits, his inspiration for the song Skateaway, the differences in the US and Brittish press. Personally, I like this CD very much because it is great to hear the fans directly talk to Mark. A bit of hiss on the background, but very listenable! Total disc time about 50 minutes. Available on one CD-R.