Artist Dire Straits
Date Veronica TV, Holland, 3rd February 1990
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R


  1. Documentary
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring the broadcast "The Story of... Dire Straits", recorded from Dutch television. It's a special about Dire Straits telling the story from the early days until the legendary concert for Nelson Mandela in 1988. Between various video fragments and clips, Mark Knopfler is interviewed. Probably recorded in the second half of 1988. Interesting to hear Mark say that he doens't like to go on such a long tour again like the Brothers in arms world tour 1985-1986. A few years later he started the even bigger On every street world tour 1991-1992... Very good picture and sound quality, taken from first generation VHS. The documentary has Dutch subtitles on all English spoken parts. Total length of this DVD is about 45 minutes.