1. Money for nothing
2. Sultans of swing
3. Romeo and Juliet
4. Private investigations
5. Walk of life
6. Calling Elvis
7. Twisting by the pool
8. Tunnel of love
9. Down to the waterline
10. On every street
11. Brothers in arms
12. So far away
13. Your latest trick
14. Solid rock

Additional comments:
Fourteen Dire Straits covers played by Studio 99. The backcover of the CD says: "Studio 99 are a collective of highly talented and often famous session players and singers. It is not unusual for performers recorded on these albums to appear on major hits as backing musicians, singers or producers. To bring you these high quality, low price tribute albums, the names of the famous and infamous are withheld. We thank all of those who have given their time and talent to these albums and trust you will enjoy their interpretation of the worlds best sellers."  Well, I must say that it's not bad at all and it's fun to listen to! Unlike most cover CD's, this one also features a singer. Available on one CD-R.