1. Intro by J.J. Jackson
2. So far away
3. Private investigations
4. Intro by J.J. Jackson
5. Money for nothing
6. Walk of life
7. Why worry
8. Intro by J.J. Jackson
9. The man's too strong
10. Brothers in arms
11. Intro by J.J. Jackson
12. Guest introduction by Mark Knopfler
13. Going home (Local Hero)
14. Outro by J.J. Jackson and credits

* guest player Hank B. Marvin

Additional comments:
This not the entire 98-26 broadcast. The first tracks of this broadcast were taken from the official CD "Live at the BBC" and were thus removed. Here is presented the entire part, minus the commercials, featuring the famous show recorded on 10th July 1985 at the London Wembley Arena in its original broadcast order. Unlike as found on many liberated bootlegs, Sultans of Swing was not broadcasted but they choose to air another tune instead: Going Home! Very rare to have this version is perfect soundboard quality. It's also extra special because it features guest player Hank B. Marvin from The Shadows. Great radio show, perfect sound! Available on one CD-R.