Artist Bob Dylan (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Dates Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Sheffield, Alabama, USA, 30th April - 11th May 1979 (Slow train coming sessions)
Powerstation, New York, USA, 11th April - 8th May 1983 (Infidels recording sessions)
Powerstation, New York, USA, early June - 5th July 1983 (overdub sessions)
Format 3CD
Tracks CD 1 The outtakes:

1. Trouble in mind
2. Ye shall be changed
3. Blind Willie McTell (acoustic version)
4. Someone's got a hold of my heart
5. Tell me
6. Lord protect my child
7. Foot of pride
8. Death is not the end
9. Julius and Ethel
10. This was my love
11. Blind Willie McTell (electric version)
12. Angel flying too close to the ground
13. Straight as in love
14. Clean cut kid
15. Don't fly unless it's safe
16. Dark groove
17. Trouble in mind

Track #1-2: Taken from the
Slow train coming sessions.
Track #3-8: Perfect sound quality.
Track #9-11: The sound quality varies. Never officially released.
Track #12 This is the vinyl B-side.
Track #13-16: The sound quality varies. Never officially released.
Track #17: This is the vinyl B-side. Same recording as track #1 but with one verse cut.
Tracks CD 2 The alternative versions:

1. Jokerman
2. Sweetheart like you
3. Neighbourhood bully
4. License to kill
5. Man of peace
6. Union sundown
7. I and I
8. Don't fall apart on me tonight
9. Foot of pride (version #2)
10. Someone's gotta hold of my heart (version #2)
11. Tell me (version #2)
12. Lord protect my child (version #2)
13. Death is not the end (version #2)
14. Angel flying too close to the ground (version #2)
15. This was my love (version #2)
16. Julius and Ethel

Tracks #1-8: Alternative versions of the Infidels songs.
Tracks #9-15: Alternative versions of outtakes.
Track #16: Mono version, same take as the other one.
The lead guitar has almost disapeared.
All tracks; Never released officially. Sound quality varies.
Tracks CD 3 Rehearsels and live:

1. I and I (version #2)
2. Sweetheart like you (version #2)
3. Union sundown (version #2)
4. Sweetheart rehearsals
5. Blowin' in the wind
6. Rock 'em dead
7. Knocking on heavens door
8. All along the watchtower
9. Leopardskin pillbox hat
10. License to kill
11. Knocking on heaven's door

Tracks #1-3: Alternative versions. Sound quality varies.
Track #4: Sweetheart like you rehearsals. Alternative takes, talking, improvisations. Sound quality varies.
Track #5-7: Mark Knopfler joining Bob Dylan at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia, 10th February 1986. Backing band Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Poor sound.
Track #8-11: Dylan joining Dire Straits at the Sports and Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia, 19th February 1986. Poor sound.


Additional comments This is a totally unique collection of a lot of songs performed by Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler together. This collection is spanning from the early sessions for Slow train coming, the Infidels sessions, the concert in 1986 when Dylan joined Dire Straits to perform four of his own songs and also the concert a couple of days before that when Mark Knopfler joined Bob Dylan at a concert, backed by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Two B-sides from vinyl singles and some songs which are not too much different than the album versions but different mixes or some instrument fewer or something like that. The sound quality has been improved a lot because all songs have been remastered. If you are looking for a complete collection of all songs with Dylan and Knopfler, please check this recording: The complete Infidels sessions. This is not 100% of all Dylan & Knopfler sessions though. You need to get the official releases of Infidels and Slow train coming aswell! Nothing from these two records is to be found in this collection. This is the material that didn't find it's way to these two records. Taken from the silver pressed bootleg "The Jokermen".