1. Interview
2. Your own sweet way
3. Interview / Railroad worksong
4. Interview / Once upon a time in the west
5. Interview / Romeo and Juliet
6. Lonesome wind blues
7. Interview / If I had you
8. Interview
9. Brothers in arms
10. Interview / Down to the waterline
11. Interview / Smooching
12. Interview / One way gal
13. Interview / That's where I belong
14. Outro

Radio studio, 1990.

Additional comments:
Taken from the Timothy White's Rock Stars interview LP. Soundquality is good but some LP noise. Very intresting by interview with Timothy White and Mark Knopfler telling about the way of recording the album "Missing... presumed having a good time", talking about songs, his guitar playing, the Everly Brothers, Duolian String Pickers, Cafe Racers, being a newspaper journalist & English teacher, the song Brothers in Arms, why he recorded the EP Twisting by the Pool so quickly, who came up with the title "Missing..." and where the thought of that title came from. Very interesting on track 8 is to hear Mark talking about the Dire Straits reunion and new world tour (On Every Street). Very interesting recording which lasts over 72 minutes. Available on one CD-R.