Additional comments:
Music and interview with Mark Knopfler. Aired in 2003 to promote Mark's album The Ragpicker's Dream. Complete show with host Dan Neer. Mark Knopfler why he quit Dire Straits:

"The Straits thing was so big and it was coming with so much baggage. It just....by the end there was a lighting rig from Startrek, there was truckdrivers carrying a lot around, and an extra stage around. You are going to catering  on tour and you see extra guys you didn't know. And uhm, I just felt that I was a song writer and I wanted to really sort of get back into focussing on my writing and trying to improve my playing, push ahead, try to do a few films to make me play. So I'd just figured I am more manouverable now in a way. You know, I feel so I can move with more freedom somehow..."

Available on two CD-R's.