Artist Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler
Date Various
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Top pop 1978 - Water of love (playback)
  2. Old grey whistle test 1978 - Sultans of swing (live)
  3. German TV - Sultans of swing (playback)
  4. Old grey whistle test 1980 - Tunnel of love (live)
  5. Swap shop 1980 - Romeo and Juliet (playback)
  6. Interview with the band - 1981
  7. Music and gate 1982 - Private investigations (playback)
  8. Casablanca - Interview with Mark Knopfler
  9. Interview with Mark Knopfler
  10. Interview with Mark Knopfler 1983
  11. Interview with Mark Knopfler
  12. Romeo and Juliet (playback)
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing various TV appearances of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. Especially the interviews are interesting. Since it's all pretty old material which seem to be copies of copies of copies, most tracks have pretty bad picture quality.