Artist Mark Knopfler
Radio station BBC Radio 2, 25th May 2015 (original broadcast)
BBC Radio 2, 29th December 2016 (rebroadcast, the source for this CD)
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Interview
Additional comments Mark Knopfler talks in depth to Johnnie Walker about his hugely successful career as a solo artist and member of Dire Straits and The Notting Hillbillies, his collaborations with people like Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Chet Atkins and Emmylou Harris and his work as a film soundtrack composer. Mark also discusses his earlier jobs and musical adventures, the first steps of Dire Straits and his childhood, especially his first treasured guitar and the vinyl singles and performances from the Everly Brothers, Hank Marvin and Duane Eddy, which sent him down a path that led to 125 million record sales. Mark will talk us through all the key tracks from his life (both influences and compositions) and his eighth solo album Tracker. He talks about the thrill of tracking down subject matter, tracking down an idea, investigating the whole thing, as he prepares to write and work in the studio. Originally broadcasted on 25th May 2015 and rebroadcasted on 29th December 2016 which was the source for this CD. The original broadcast was about 2 hours long, but I edited out all the official tracks, except for the alternative version of Sultans of swing that was also broadcasted. Total playing time is about 55 minutes. Perfect sound quality.
Johnnie Walker and Mark Knopfler