Brand G-Sharp
Type G#
Year Probably 2008
Serial number Unknown
Additional info On 20th April 2008, Mark Knopfler played in Oslo during the Kill to get Crimson tour. Before the show, the guys from G-Sharp presented Mark a couple of G# guitars, one with a rosewood and one with a maple neck.

On the official G-Sharp site, this can be read: In Guy Fletchers words: “I'm back at home from an evening with MK. He had a good play with the G# and thought it was excellent, especially the resonance and overall feel and build quality of the instrument.“

Mark made several suggestions to improve the guitar. G-Sharp says: "It is quite overwhelming having suggestions from a guitarist of his caliber on how to improve my design (thank you very much, Mark Knopfler). The future will show if customers are willing to pay a bit more to have these improvements. I would, however, be more than pleased to make a Mark Knopfler signature model including these features, should that be possible !!"

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