I am no expert when it comes to guitars, but I thought it would be nice to make an overview of all the guitars that Mark Knopfler used over the years for recording sessions, live performances, charities, just have used once for a special occasion and guitars that were presented to him as a gift. This overview is most likely not complete (will it ever?), but it's just an attempt to be as complete as possible. The information I gathered is taken from the official Mark Knopfler Guitar Styles books, the official MK News website, the diaries on Guy Fletcher's website, various articles on the internet, tour books, DVD's, magazines, info from luthiers Rudy Pensa John Suhr, from sites of real guitar experts like Ingo Raven´s site and from people who sent me mails to correct things or give additional information. If you have any information of a certain guitar missing and you can send me a picture of that particular guitar (preferably with Mark Knopfler on that picture too), I will add it to this overview. And as you can see, I also have some pictures of Mark Knopfler with guitars that I don't know. If you can provide more details on this, I would be happy to receive it to make this list more accurate. Many thanks and enjoy the overview!


The guitars listed by brand

Antonio Pedro Froggy Bottom Ovation
Atkin Gianinni Pensa-Suhr
Beard Gibson Pensa
Beltona Godin Pete Turner
Boswell Gretsch Ramirez
Burns Guild Reverend
D'Angelico G-Sharp Rickenbacker
Danelectro Höfner Schecter
Del Vecchio John Page Guitars Selmer Maccaferri
Dobro John Suhr Squier
Don Grosh Kay Stefan Sobell
Draleon Martin Steinberger
Eastman Monteleone Takamine
Eko National Taylor
Erlewine Norwegian Wood Series Teisco
Fender N.S. Phillips  
Fernandes Optek Unknown guitars
Number of guitars listed so far: 207