Brand Hfner
Type V2 Super Solid
Year 1963
Serial number 837
Additional info This guitar was the answer from Hfner on the much more expensive Fender Stratocaster. Mark's very first guitar was a Hfner V2 Super Solid which he got from his father for his 14th birthday. It costed 50 UK Pounds at that time. In the documentary "The story of the guitar" (2008), you can see Mark in British Grove Studios with various of his guitars, including this Hfner guitar. This was his very first guitar, nice to see that he still has it!

It seems he gave this guitar away to his brother David in the early years and got it back in 2007. See also some reports about an auction for this guitar here and here. The guitar is featured on some promotional pictures for the Kill to get crimson album and is pictured on front of the tourbook.

Johnny Walker also used this guitar in advertisements, mentioning the wrong building year. Click here and here.

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