John Page Guitars
Brand John Page Guitars
Type Ashburn
Year Most likely 2015
Serial number Unknown
Additional info On 13th October 2015, Richard Bennett and Mark Knopfler met Howard Swimmer from John Page Guitars.

Richard wrote a bit about it in his Notes from the road diary: Just before sound check both Mark and I were introduced to a new guitar line designed by John Page who worked for Fender for many years and started their custom shop back in the 1980s. After John left Fender he began building beautiful custom instruments and has recently partnered with Howard Swimmer to design and manufacture John Page Classics… a custom-production guitar. Howard brought two guitars that Mark and I played and we took to them straight away. The look, quality, feel and sound are all immediately evident. Check these instruments out, and by the way, you won’t believe how downright affordable they are:

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