Brand Rickenbacker
Type 425
Year Unknown
Serial number Unknown
Additional info A very rare (!) picture which shows Mark Knopfler with a Rickenbacker guitar. He played it on Portobello belle during the On Location tour in 1981. Click here for another rare picture, taken in Bologna, 30th June 1981. Apparently, Mark borrowed the guitar from Hal Lindes.

The 425 was made between 1958 and 1973. In 1965 some 425's were equipped with the unusual Boyd vibrato.

Click here for a another rare picture of Mark's guitars used on the On Location tour. The picture was taken backstage at the concert at Vigorelli, Milan, Italy, 29th June 1981. The Rickenbacker can be seen on the left of the National. And click here for a rare picture of Mark with this guitar, taken from an Italian newspaper dated from 2nd July 1981.


Brand Rickenbacker
Type 360 BBR
Year 2006
Serial number Unknown
Additional info I have never seen a picture of Mark Knopfler playing this guitar, but it is pictured on the 2019 litho, indicating it is most likely one of Mark's guitars. The picture on the left is an actual photo from the 2019 litho.

Guy Fletcher showed a picture of this guitar and Tim Myer during the production rehearsals in April 2019.


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