Brand Steinberger
Type GL2
Year Probably 1985
Serial number Unknown
Additional info
This unusual looking guitar features one piece body / neck construction and no headstock like almost every other guitar has. This GL2 model was first introduced in 1983. Jack Sonni said in an interview that they got two Steinbergers just before before the start of the Brothers in arms tour. Click here for a picture featuring both Mark's and Jack's Steinberger guitars and a comment from Jack Sonni (taken from Guitarist magazine, February 1986). And click here and here and here to see Mark and Jack in action in 1985 with their Steinberger guitars.

Mark used this Steinberger GL2 live on Money for nothing and One world during the Brothers in arms tour in 1986. Mark also used this guitar to play Money for nothing on the Prince's Trust Rock Gala, 20th June 1986.

When Mark is being interviewed by Vintage Guitar Magazine (published in May 2001) and they ask him to comment on various guitars, this is what Mark said about Steinberger: "That’s funny – I’ve just come back from holiday, and I took it with me and played it every day just so I could stay on top of things. It’s great to put it on your back or throw it into the luggage compartment of a plane. I used to use ‘em onstage; it’s a great guitar for touring. It’s strong as a truck."

Click here for two other pictures of Mark and this strange looking guitar.

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