Tour line-up:

Mark Knopfler

Guitar, vocals
David Knopfler

Guitar, vocals

John Illsley

Bass, vocals

Pick Withers



In December 1978 and January 1979, Dire Straits recorded their second album Communiqué. The band rehearsed at Whood Wharf (Greenwich, London) between 30th January and 4th February 1979, did some promotional work and then went on tour again. On several shows in the USA, Dire Straits played two concerts a day which resulted in 64 concerts in 48 days. No official releases appeared of the various soundboard recordings that were made, the San Fransisco show was only issued as a promo LP by Warner Brothers.

On 20th or 21st December 1979, Phil Lynott was a guest player with Dire Straits. See two pictures here and here. The following year, Phil Lynott released a single featuring Mark Knopfler called King's Call.


Official recordings made during this tour

Concert Bootleg release Official release
Cologne (17.02.1979)
Philadelphia (06.03.1979)
San Fransisco (31.03.1979)
Pinkpop (04.06.1979)
Boston (08.09.1979)

Concert Bootleg release Official release
Cologne (16.02.1979)
Los Angeles (28 & 29.03.1979)
London (20 & 21.12.1979)

Total concerts played: 134

February 1979

  11.02.1979     De Doelen Rotterdam The Netherlands
  12.02.1979     Niedersachsenhalle Hanover Germany
  13.02.1979     Philipshalle Dusseldorf Germany
  14.02.1979     Rosengarten Manheim Germany
  15.02.1979     Stadthalle Stolberg Germany
  16.02.1979     Studio-L Cologne Germany
  17.02.1979     Grossen Sendersaal Cologne Germany
  18.02.1979     Stadthalle Bremen Germany
  23.02.1979     Paradise Boston USA (two shows)
  24.02.1979     Paradise Boston USA (two shows)
  25.02.1979     Alumni Providence USA
  26.02.1979     Shaboo Williamantic USA
  28.02.1979     Hullabaloo Albany USA

March 1979

  02.03.1979     Bottom Line New York USA (two shows)
  03.03.1979     Bottom Line New York USA (two shows)
  06.03.1979     Tower Theatre Philadelphia USA
  08.03.1979     Bayou Washington USA (two shows)
  09.03.1979     Bayou Washington USA (two shows)
  11.03.1979     After Dark Buffalo USA
  12.03.1979     Agora Cleveland USA (two shows)
  13.03.1979     University Toronto Canada
  14.03.1979     Plateau Auditorium Montreal Canada
  15.03.1979     Centerstage Detroit USA (two shows)
  16.03.1979     Park West Chicago USA (two shows)
  17.03.1979     Palms Milwaukee USA (two shows)
  19.03.1979     Memorial Hall Kansas USA
  21.03.1979     Opry House Houston USA
  22.03.1979     Opry House Austin USA
  23.03.1979     Palladium Dallas USA
  25.03.1979     Regis College Denver USA
  27.03.1979     Roxy San Diego USA (two shows)
  28.03.1979     Roxy Los Angeles USA (two shows)
  29.03.1979     Roxy Los Angeles USA (two shows)
  31.03.1979     Old Waldorf San Francisco USA (two shows)

April 1979

  01.04.1979    Old Waldorf San Francisco USA (two shows)
  02.04.1979    University Of Davis Sacramento USA (two shows)

May 1979

  23.05.1979     Stadthalle Offenbach Germany
  27.05.1979     Stadthalle Wettingen Germany
  29.05.1979     Circus Krone Munich Germany
  30.05.1979     Hemmerleinhalle Nurmberg Germany
  31.05.1979     Rhein-Neckar-Halle Heidelberg Germany

June 1979

  01.06.1979     Circus Krone Munich Germany
  02.06.1979     Stadthalle Freiberg Germany
  04.06.1979     Pink Pop Festival, Sportpark Geleen The Netherlands
  05.06.1979     Palais des Sports Paris France
  08.06.1979     Empire Liverpool UK
  09.06.1979     Apollo Glasgow Scotland
  10.06.1979     Odeon Edinburgh Scotland
  11.06.1979     City Hall Sheffield UK
  13.06.1979     Odeon Birmingham UK
  14.06.1979     City Hall Newcastle UK 
  15.06.1979     Apollo Manchester UK
  16.06.1979     Colston Hall Bristol UK
  17.06.1979     Hammersmith Odeon London UK
  18.06.1979     Dome Brighton UK
  20.06.1979     Hammersmith Odeon London UK
  21.06.1979     Hammersmith Odeon London UK
  23.06.1979     Stadthalle Offenbach Germany
  23.06.1979     Loreley Festival Frankfurt Germany
  24.06.1979     Stadthalle Offenbach Germany
  24.06.1979     Westfahlenhalle (Festival) Dortmund Germany
  25.06.1979     Sporthalle Stuttgart Germany
  26.06.1979     Küernackhalle Würzburg Germany
  29.06.1979     Deutschlandhalle (Festival) Berlin Germany

July 1979

  01.07.1979     Olympiastadion (Festival) Munich Germany
  07.07.1979     Festival Torhout Belgium
  08.07.1979     Werchter Festival Brussels Belgium

September 1979

  08.09.1979     Orpheum Boston USA
  09.09.1979     Ocean State Theater Providence USA
  11.09.1979     Palladium New York USA
  13.09.1979     Capitol Theater Passaic USA
  14.09.1979     Tower Theatre Philadelphia USA
  15.09.1979     Smith Center Washington USA
  17.09.1979     Chrysler Hall Norfolk USA
  18.09.1979     Coliseum Greensboro USA
  20.09.1979     Park Center Charlotte USA
  21.09.1979     Fox Theater Atlanta USA
  23.09.1979     Civic Auditorium Jacksonville USA
  24.09.1979     Curtis Hixon Tampa USA
  25.09.1979     Jai Alai Miami USA
  28.09.1979     Orpheum Boston USA
  28.09.1979     Township Columbia USA
  29.09.1979     Coliseum Knoxville USA

October 1979

  01.10.1979     Gardens Louisville USA
  02.10.1979     Bogarts Cincinnati USA
  03.10.1979     Palace Theater Cleveland USA
  04.10.1979     Centerstage Detroit USA
  06.10.1979     Kiel Opera House St. Louis USA
  07.10.1979     Uptown Theater Chicago USA

November 1979

  01.11.1979     Ahoy Rotterdam The Netherlands
  02.11.1979     Vereeniging Nijmegen The Netherlands
  03.11.1979     Vereeniging Nijmegen The Netherlands
  04.11.1979     Carré Theatre Amsterdam The Netherlands
  05.11.1979     Carré Theatre Amsterdam The Netherlands
  07.11.1979     Ijsselhal Zwolle The Netherlands
  08.11.1979     Grughalle Essen Germany
  09.11.1979     Meseehalle Cologne Germany 
  11.11.1979     Münsterlandhalle Münster Germany
  12.11.1979     Stadthalle Braunschweig Germany
  13.11.1979     CCH Hamburg Germany
  14.11.1979     Ostseehalle Kiel Germany
  16.11.1979     Idraettenshus Vejle Denmark
  17.11.1979     Olympen Lund Sweden
  18.11.1979     Tivoli Theatre Copenhagen Denmark
  19.11.1979     Tivoli Theatre Copenhagen Denmark
  20.11.1979     Scandinavium Gothenburg Sweden
  21.11.1979     Ekeberghalle Oslo Norway
  23.11.1979     Johanneshov Stockholm Sweden
  26.11.1979     Weser-Erns-Halle Oldenburg Germany
  27.11.1979     Forest National Brussels Belgium

December 1979

  11.12.1979     Stadium Dublin Ireland
  12.12.1979     Stadium Dublin Ireland
  13.12.1979     Whitla Hall Belfast Northern Ireland
  14.12.1979     Whitla Hall Belfast Northern Ireland
  18.12.1979     Lewisham Odeon London UK
  19.12.1979     Lewisham Odeon London UK
  20.12.1979     Rainbow Theatre London UK
  21.12.1979     Rainbow Theatre London UK

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