Over the years, I have collected quite a lot of original silver pressed bootlegs. Unlike bootlegs on CD-R of DVD+/-R, this are factory pressed silver CD's or DVD's and come with artwork like front and back covers. Click here to see an example of an original silver pressed bootleg CD. Some original bootlegs even have a booklet which can contain extra information such as photos, tourdates, concert review, etc. I bought a large part of my collection silver pressed bootlegs in 1991-1992 when Dire Straits was very populair during the On every street world tour. That was also a period in which lots of bootlegs (mostly Italian) were released. Most of these bootlegs were pretty expensive and are nowadays hard to find on record fairs or on the internet. I have always been fascinated by these original bootlegs, some of them look really nice and it is fun to collect them. Most of the original bootlegs I have can be found in the listings of the bootleg-menu, except for bootlegs which contain officially released material. Fun to collect, but no material that I trade. In the summary below, I listed all silver pressed bootlegs from my private collection and scanned the front covers and back covers so you can see what they look like. I also made CD-scans of all the silver pressed CD-bootlegs. 

Note: these original silver pressed bootlegs are part of my private collection and are NOT for sale.

Silver pressed bootleg CD's Silver pressed bootleg DVD's Other bootleg CD's Original bootleg LP's Original bootleg MC's
On every street world tour 1991-1992
Brothers in arms world tour 1985-1986
Love over gold world tour 1982-1983
On Location world tour 1980-1981
Communiqué tour 1979
Dire Straits first tour 1978
Pre-album 1978
Charity shows


Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler
The Notting Hillbillies
Mark Knopfler on tour with Eric Clapton
Mark Knopfler on tour with Emmylou Harris

Mark Knopfler with Bob Dylan

No silver pressed
Compilation & counterfeits

Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler
Bob Dylan
(featuring MK)

Dire Straits
Down the road wherever tour 2019
Tracker tour 2015
Get Lucky promotion tour 2009

Shangri-La world tour 2005
Sailing to Philadelphia world tour 2001
Golden Heart tour 1996

Charity shows
Missing.... presumed having a good time - UK tour 1990
Charity shows

Eric Clapton
Bob Dylan

Emmylou Harris

If you have an original silver pressed bootleg CD or DVD that is missing from my collection and you are willing to trade it or sell it to me, please contact me.