Artist Bob Dylan (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Venue Various places
Date Various dates
Source Soundboard
Format 2DVD+R

Tracks side A (vol. I)

  1. Only a pawn in their game
  2. Blowin' in the wind
  3. The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll
  4. Girl from the north country
  5. Just like a woman
  6. Hurricane
  7. It ain't me babe
  8. One too many mornings
  9. I believe in you
  10. Heart of mine
  11. Sweetheart like you
  12. Jokerman
  13. I'll remember you
  14. Lenny Bruce hard to handle
  15. Series of dreams
  16. Most of the time
  17. All along the watchtower
  18. Blood in my eyes
  19. Panco and Lefty
  20. Just like a woman
  21. Shooting star
  22. Forever young
  23. Just like Tom Thumb's blues
  24. Knockin' on heaven's door
  25. Things have changed
  26. Cross the green mountain
Tracks side B (vol. II)
  1. Girl from the north country
  2. Ballad of a thin man
  3. I threw it all away
  4. One too many mornings
  5. Blowing in the wind
  6. One more cup of coffee
  7. Simple twist of fate
  8. Maggie's farm
  9. Gotta serve somebody
  10. When he returns
  11. Licence to kill
  12. Jokerman
  13. Emotionally yours
  14. I should be released
  15. Just like a woman
  16. Political world
  17. One Irish rover
  18. Mr. Tamborine man
  19. Forever young
  20. Hard times
  21. Ring them bells
  22. All along the watchtower
  23. Positively 4th street
  24. Hard rain's a-gonna fall
  25. Not dark yet
  26. Love sick
  27. Train of love
  28. Things have changed
  29. Cry a while
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing various perfomances and videos by Bob Dylan. Taken from the original two sided silver pressed bootleg DVD "Through the years, vol. I & II". Mark Knopfler played on Dylan's album Infidels. On this DVD, some tracks of this album can be found: Sweetheart like you, Jokerman and Licence to kill. There were at least two, unreleased, videos shot on which you can see the band (including Mark Knopfler and Alan Clark) playing in the studio: Don't fall apart on me tonight and Licence to kill. Both of these videos can be found on the Video-CD TV Talkin' - Bob Dylan promotional videos. This DVD only contains Licence to kill (vol. II, track 11). The video quality is not really good. Mark Knopfler does not appear in the official promo videos Sweetheart like you and Jokerman.