1. Walk of life
2. Sultans of swing
3. Money for nothing
4. Calling Elvis
5. Twisting by the pool
6. Ticket to heaven
7. Why worry
8. Down to the waterline
9. The bug
10. On every street
11. So far away
12. Tunnel of love

Additional comments:
Twelve Dire Straits covers played by "The Sultans of swing" is we have to believe the backcover of this CD. Strange thing is that the versions are exactly the same as the ones from Studio 99 (Dire Straits performed by Studio 99). The only difference is that this CD contains some songs that can not be found on the one from Studio 99: Ticket to Heaven, Why Worry and The bug. I must say that it's not bad at all and it's fun to listen to! Unlike most cover CD's, this one also features a singer. Available on one CD-R.